Five Institutes

Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design & Innovation (established in 2001)

Logo CIADIThe objective of the Concordia Institute of Aerospace Design and Innovation (CIADI) is to promote awareness and provide leading edge know-how among engineering students in aerospace design and innovation. CIADI’s approach is multi-disciplinary in nature and its efforts are focused on ever-evolving aerospace technologies. CIADI, part of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science provides excellent training opportunities for students seeking a career in the aerospace industry.

In order to enhance and complement the education of undergraduate students, the Institute conducts collaborative, industry-driven design and research projects of 500 to 1000 hours per year. The students, selected among the top undergraduate students in the Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science, are supervised by aerospace industry engineers and Concordia professors. Progress meetings are conducted at CIADI to expose the students to the full breadth of projects undertaken by their classmates in other areas and in other partner companies. A number of CIADI projects receive credit by the Faculty as Capstone Design projects.

The Institute provides, through some preliminary industry research projects, “an initiation to research” for some students who want to pursue graduate studies in aerospace, as part of the Consortium de recherche et d’innovation en aérospatiale au Québec (CRIAQ).

The Institute is an excellent learning opportunity for undergraduate students to get to know the aerospace industry through organized visits and tours to its industrial partners. In order to address the needs of the aerospace industry, focused training is provided through short courses such as aircraft, helicopter and engine design, CATIA, FLUENT, etc.

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Institut de Conception et d’Innovation en Aérospatiale (established in 2004)

Logo ICIASince 2003, the «Institut de conception et d’innovation en aérospatiale» (ICIA) provides specialized internships in Aerospace field for 1st and 2nd cycle engineering surdents from École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS). The main objective of ICIA is to offer high level work experience with R&D content while providing a practical apprenticeship opportunity which is unique and motivating. The ICIA mission is to bring leading edge know-how in aerospace innovation and design in order to fulfill the needs in development for this very important industry for Québec. It represents an excellent training opportunity for students seeking a career in the aerospace industry.

Once selected and member of ICIA, the students have access to ICIA resources for 1 year. They can put their academic knowledge to good use in the company and acquire a complementary training with accomplishing collaborative industry driven design and research projects of 500 to 1000 hours for internships of four or eight months. The ICIA students are supervised by aerospace industry engineers and a follow-up is taken in charge by ÉTS. ICIA allows the students to become familiar with aerospace industry and immerse themselves in an exciting environment where specialized engineer profession is exercised.

The projects are defined by the ICIA industrial partners, mainly Pratt & Whitney Canada, Bombardier Aerospace, Bell Helicopter Textron, Rolls-Royce, Esterline CMC Électronique and MDA. Aeronautic design and fabrication, supply chain planning, avionic, electronic and software development are the professional competence demanded. In order to facilitate the accomplishment of the projects, ICIA makes available dedicated rooms where each one has access to a desk with a computer fitted with all equipment and softwares.

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Institut en Innovation et Conception en Aéronautique de Polytechnique (established in 2006)

Logo IICAPThe “Institut en Innovation et Conception en Aéronautique de Polytechnique” (IICAP) offers to students bachelor’s the opportunity to intern and/or project in one of the aerospace companies in the Montreal area.

Internships and/or projects at the undergraduate level are generally four months or 500 hours. There is a possibility of renewal in certain cases.

Most courses are held between May 1 and August 30 of each year. However, there is the possibility to begin internships on September 1 and/or January 1 of each year.

Polytechnic students are able to acquire know-how tailored to industry needs by participating in the following activities: conducting an internship and/or a project 500 to 700 hours in an Aerospace Industries which is a member of the consortium; additional training periods industrial impacts; industrial visits; scientific conferences.

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McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering (established in 2010)

Logo MIAEMIAE is an initiative of the Lorne Trottier Chair in Aerospace Engineering to foster interest in Aerospace Engineering among undergraduate and graduate students and awareness of the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural environment in which they may work as future engineers working in the Aerospace Industry. Students accepted into the Institute will be given the opportunity to participate in a number of 500 to 1000 hours Research Projects proposed by the Aerospace Companies. The Institute is also creating at McGill a special environment where the students will have access to a secure room with complete computer facilities, so that they will be able to work in their projects with the support of their professors. The MIAE students will also be given the opportunity to participate in other activities, organized to give them a comprehensive view of the Aerospace Industry and its challenges, such as plant visits and specially designed courses.

Mandate of MIAE
– To focus and grow the aerospace activity at McGill University,
– To enrich the aerospace experience for McGill undergraduates,
– To enable students seeking a career in aerospace to obtain industrial experience and contacts in theindustry,
– To allow the aerospace industries to have access to the best and most motivated Engineering students who may become future employees,
– To bring the technological issues of the industry to the attention of McGill Professors,
– To expose the aerospace industry to the full possibilities of the research expertise at McGill,
– To establish, develop and maintain contacts between the Faculty of Engineering and industry researchers and engineers.

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