Experience Awards

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada


Details of the programme are available here . Below is a summary only.

What are these awards for?

NSERC’s Experience Awards allows companies to access brilliant undergraduate students in the fields of natural sciences and engineering for a work term. The purpose is to also encourage these talented students that have the desire to pursue graduate studies to eventually begin a research career in those fields. To encourage organizations to offer research work experience to students, or offer a greater number of such research work experience, these awards offer financial assistance to the host organization. This means that companies can provide you with the experience as the NSERC’s contribution is paid directly to the host organization. This is also a great opportunity for selected candidates to include this prestigious award in their list of accomplishments.
Who is eligible for these awards?
To be eligible for NSERC’s scholarships and fellowships programs, you must meet certain conditions:

1. Be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.
The NSERC may ask proof of citizenship or residency status.

2. In the process of completing a bachelor’s degree in natural sciences or engineering.

3. Obtain a cumulative average of “B” or “B-” (if applicable). This will need to be demonstrated by providing an official transcript. To receive an official transcript from your institution, contact the institution’s registrar’s office (or equivalent). Unofficial transcripts are not sufficient and will not be considered.

*Note that administration fees may apply when requesting your official transcript at your university.