Rules of Conduct MAI

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MAI Member’s Rules

Note : The masculine gender used throughout this text is deemed to include all members.

  • MAI Eligibility Conditions
    – Each institute is responsible for the selection of its student members according to the criteria and methods deemed appropriate.
    – A student interested in becoming a member must contact his institute for details on the conditions of admission.
    – The following admission criteria are common to all institutes:

    • General average (CGPA) of 2.6 out of 4; or 2.8 out of 4.3
    • A demonstrated interest in the aerospace sector
    • Language skills evaluated and scored for French and English, oral and written
    • Confirmed eligibility to work in Canada. For international students, this means that the student possesses a valid work permit to complete a training internship, should the case arise.
    • Demonstrated aptitudes or competencies in complementary areas to their academic training, such as: communication skills, management or supervisory skills, other expertise or additional knowledge related to the main field of study (for example programming, administration, law, etc.)

    – Students planning to travel during the interview period must make their plans known as soon as possible.

  • Process related to applying for and obtaining an internship
    – A student member of an institute will be granted access to the MAI website by his institute.
    – The institutes inform students about the internship posting periods, and about the maximum number of offers to which each student may apply (this number varies according to the session).
    – To apply to internship offers, each student must supply a presentation letter and an up-to-date resume, in a single document produced in the prescribed format (available on the MAI website) and which must be uploaded in the following manner :
    Institute_ family name _surname
    – A student who submits an application is not guaranteed to receive an internship offer, or even an invitation to an interview. Employers select candidates first on the basis of the supplied documents (motivation letter, CV), and then on the basis of interview results. Note that even if an internship is a compulsory requirement in a student’s academic program, the MAI offers no guarantee that a student will obtain an internship.
    – For a student who receives an offer, the following steps in the process will vary according to the employer. An employer may proceed differently according to the internship and to the student status.
    – In the aerospace sector, the steps in the hiring process generally require considerable time, often several weeks. A timeframe of 6 to 8 weeks is not unusual.
  • Rules of conduct
    Each student applying for an internship commits to respecting the following rules:
    – The student commits to applying only to projects for which he meets the internship requirements, whether in terms of language skills, educational programs or programming competencies.
    – Only students who are available full time may apply to full time internships. Students who are only available part time for a given internship period, commit to applying only to internships offered as part-time.

    Student X applies for an internship where the prerequisite is to be available full time. The student goes to the interview with the hopes to convince the supervisor that he is the best candidate, even though he or she is only available part-time. This behavior is unacceptable. Any student who does not adhere to the rules of the MAI risks having his eligibility for MAI internships penalized in the future.

    – The student who is unavailable to participate in interviews on selected dates must inform the institutes of his unavailability from the moment he applies to internships.
    – The student who is unavailable to perform an internship must not apply to internships nor participate in interviews.

    Student X would like to work one day for supervisor Z in company B. He applies to an internship with supervisor Z only to establish a contact, even if he is unable to perform the posted internship. This behavior is unacceptable. Any student who does not adhere to the rules of the MAI risks having his eligibility for MAI internships penalized in the future.
  • Interviews
    – All candidates invited to an interview :

    • commit to responding to the invitation as quickly as possible (24 hours)
    • commit to showing up for the interview. The only permissible exceptions are cases where the candidate has accepted an offer elsewhere or in cases of “force majeure” (illness, etc.).
    • Once a candidate has accepted an interview invitation, the candidate must show up at the expected time and place.
    • If a candidate has accepted an invitation and subsequently received another offer, or if he must cancel the interview for reasons of force majeure, the candidate must inform the employer and his institute immediately.
  • Offers
    – Should a candidate receive one or more offers, he must respond to each offer received, as quickly as possible and, at the latest, within the prescribed deadlines (from 24 to 48 hours according to each case). A student may not ignore an offer even if he has been assured of an internship elsewhere.
A student receives an offer for a MAI internship at company C. He knows that he will receive another answer for another internship within 3 or 4 days. This student doesn’t answer and thinks that the offer will surely be valid for 1 or 2 more days. This behavior is unacceptable. The student must provide an answer to the offer in the prescribed delay. Any student who does not adhere to the rules of the MAI risks having his eligibility for MAI internships penalized in the future.

– If the student has accepted an offer :

  • He commits to completing the internship. The only allowable exceptions are situations where the student receives a permanent job offer elsewhere, or in cases of “force majeure”.
    • He commits to collaborating fully and carefully to the ensuing administrative process. The student commits to returning the duly completed forms and to providing all the required supporting documents as quickly as possible.
    • He understands that administrative processes can be lengthy in the aerospace field, notably because of the Controlled Goods Program applicable within several companies. In no instance do delays authorize the student to change his mind and accept a position elsewhere after having accepted an offer.
    • The location of the internship may vary within any one company (for example, Pratt & Whitney Canada may offer internships in Longueuil, St-Hubert, Mirabel or Mississauga). This information is provided in the internship description. When a student applies to an internship, he is deemed to agree and commit to taking all necessary means to travel to the place of work for the internship. In no case may a student refuse an offer on the basis of its place of work or commuting difficulties.
A student applies to an MAI internship in company A. He doesn’t pay attention to the location written in the description. It is only at the reception of the offer that the student understands that the internship is located further than he thought and refuses the internship for this reason. This behavior is unacceptable. It is the student’s responsibility to be informed and to take all the necessary means to perform the internship. Any student who does not adhere to the rules of the MAI risks having his eligibility for MAI internships penalized in the future.
  • International Students
    – International students aiming to work full time must be in possession of a work permit at the time of their application. Should a student require a pre-existing offer in order to request a work permit, he must immediately advise his institute and clearly state, on the MAI website, that he is not eligible to work at the time of the application.
    – International students having received an offer will be required, in most cases, to provide a « certificate of good behaviour » from their country of citizenship. Since the delay in obtaining this document can be lengthy, the MAI strongly encourages international students to request this document quickly, if possible as soon as they receive an invitation to an interview (even if this does not guarantee a job offer).
    – International students who hold a student visa (a study permit) will only be allowed to work part-time (a maximum of 20 hours per week) during the fall and winter sessions. Consequently, these students may only apply to internships involving part-time work.
  • Additional information about internships
    – Should interns have travel plans that coincide with the internship period, or during the administrative process period preceding the internship, they must inform their supervisor and their institute as soon as possible. Administrative hold-ups could result (for example signing the contract, or completing forms.
    – Students selected for an internship commit to behaving with utmost professionalism and to respecting all the conditions of their hiring contract, including confidentiality and the management of intellectual property.
A student must present a summary of his internship at an event organized by his institute. He has to prepare a 3-minute presentation with a visual aid (PowerPoint). He student must adhere to the rules of confidentiality and Intellectual Property of his internship, and validate his presentation with his supervisor before the event.

– A student, under no circumstance, can begin his internship if his contract has not been signed and if he has not received a confirmation the he may begin work.
– The students selected for an internship may be asked, if applicable, to purchase safety glasses and/or safety footwear.
– Students selected for an internship commit to informing their institute of any event or condition that could affect their internship (illness, etc.).

A student is sick during his internship and is obliged to reduce considerably his working hours during various weeks. The student must advise his supervisor and the institute.